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Commercial Litigation and Arbitration/ADR

The practice services disputes arising from all areas of commercial law. We use both commercial remedies and pre-emptive actions to meet client’s needs. As issues arise and disputes emerge, litigation preparation, investigation and research tools are deployed to ensure that the case presented is the ‘best-case’ for client needs leading to effective solutions.

At dispute, skillful litigation case management coordinates the use of procedural options and best measures to achieve effective results.

Overall our litigation strategy is designed to suit the nature of the dispute having regard to the best solutions for the client in the circumstances.

At the firm we take pride in the availability of eminent and leading arbitration practitioners experienced as counsel and as Arbitrator.

We have recent experience in many areas of commercial arbitration appearing and conducting hearings at ad-hoc and institutional arbitration.

In addition our members are acknowledged leaders in:

  • Commercial actions in all the courts across the country
  • Complex torts
  • Oil pollution litigation
  • Investor State Arbitration
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign Judgments and awards
  • Tax Appeal litigation
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